Terrible things happening there. Don’t understand it. Don’t believe half the things I saw […] People are being hurt and Murkoff is making money. It needs to be exposed.”

"You press that button, there’s no going back, Mr. Park. There’s enough hard evidence in that video file to make a world of shit for our friends at Murkoff. You got out of Mount Massive alive, and we’ve done everything in our power to cover your tracks, but our enemies are twitchy and malicious corporate paranoiacs with resources you’re too moral to imagine. You won’t be the only target. Anyone you care about, your wife, your child, they’ll be nothing to Murkoff but ways to hurt you. I need you to understand the bridge you’re crossing here. You will do irrevocable damage to the company, you might even get close to something like justice. But. Once you click upload, your life is over. Everyone you love is fucked. But it’s the right thing to do. Is hurting Murkoff worth that much to you?


Custom Video Game Challenge

└ five protagonists —  R o n a n  O’ C o n n o r M u r d e r e d: S o u l  S u s p e c t — [5/5]

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